Can you achieve success having only drive without discipline?

By on Dec 27, 2013 in Blog | 5 comments

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HOOK SuccessDrive is synonymous with determination and grit. When I think of someone who is driven and determined, I think of someone who doesn’t give up. If they fall on their face they get right back up. They know what they want. They see an end goal in their mind and will stop at nothing to get it. They are resilient and relentless in their pursuit of their goal. It is both a passion and powerful motivation to achieve their respective objective. They have a laser sharp focus to achieve their goals and seemingly endless stamina. Their drive and determination are the fuel for their stamina. So long as they have the drive, they have the fuel they need to persevere.


Now let’s look at discipline. By definition, discipline is a course of actions leading to a greater goal than the satisfaction of the immediate. A disciplined person is one that has established a goal and is willing to achieve that goal at the expense of his or her immediate comfort. Many of us have imposed disciplines placed upon us and we do fairly well managing to these disciplines. The most valuable discipline, however is the one we impose upon ourself. Why do we sometimes wait for others to impose discipline into our life? Do they want success for us more than we want for ourselves? Maybe not. Maybe, they just want the particular outcome that demands those imposed disciplines more than we do. In other words, their agenda is their agenda and not ours. Maybe, we have yet to make the clear connection between the imposed disciplines and our end goal. Or could it be because when we have the drive to achieve the end result, we impose self discipline? When the end goal is exciting enough, will we now sacrifice our immediate comfort to achieve it?


What my brain tells me is that you must have a clear definition of success in order to answer the question. Who’s definition of success are you trying to achieve? If it is someone else’s definition, I can argue it is attainable by having only discipline. The irony, is that you will not consider it success since it is not by your definition. If it is by your definition, which it should be since this is your life, your destiny, your happiness, you will achieve it with drive and determination. You will be so motivated and driven to achieve the outcome, you will become relentless in your pursuit. No one can impose the drive and determination you need to achieve it. The great news is, that you will naturally possess it when you clearly define what success means to you. Once you do that, you can aim, shoot and hit it! You can’t hit your bullseye with your arrow aimed at another target. Your bullseye is your success. You just need to determine what that means to you if you really want to hit it! The best news is that your success is only determined by you!



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  1. Todd Bookspan

    December 28, 2013

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    Awesome Carin! I’m excited to have something new and inspiring to read! To answer the question – I think you can have success having just drive. Discipline will help you achieve your version of success faster.

    • Jay

      May 17, 2014

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      I believe there is no success without discipline/habits. Everyone I believe has drive/desire at one point or another. But the thing that separates the successful from the rest would be the discipline/habits to do what they said they were going to do when they don’t feel like doing it (when they aren’t driven or motivated).

      “A daily routine built on good habits and disciplines separates the most successful among us from everyone else. It’s the only way any of us can predictably regulate our behavior.” – Darren Hardy
      “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle
      “Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn
      “Just Develop the habits. You’ve got the brain power, you’ve got the energy… now develop the habits of success.” – Warren Buffett

      • Carin Nguyen

        May 21, 2014

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        I love each of those quotes Jay! I agree that one must have habits. In order to obtain a great result in the shortest period of time, you must be boringly consistent and focused on your greatest point of impact (your one thing)! The irony is that we need the discipline to stay focused.

  2. Jay

    May 17, 2014

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    With that being said if you could offer feedback through your extensive experience that would be awesome, Carin!!! (I’m temporarily filling in an ISA position on BoomTown & will be a buyer agent(August) on a mega agent team that did over 65mill last year.) I wanted to please ask you for constructive feedback on my daily habits for the position.

    Mon, Wed, Fri: 5:45am:Wakeup, 6:30am-7am:Script role play, 7am:Cardio, 7:30am:Read Growth Book, 8:30am-9am:Team Script Role Play, 9am-12pm:Prospecting(Call time), 12pm-3pm:Lunch then Errands or Working on my One Thing (Prospecting Training [Videos, etc.]), 3pm-8pm: Prospect email response then Call Time Again(Money Time), 8pm-9pm:(Dinner/Relax w/tv) 9pm:Journal & 10 pages of good book then sleep

    Tues & Thurs: pretty much the same but with a Team MREA book mastermind from 7:30am-8:30am,
    & at 12pm: Lunch, Gym Workout then Prospecting Training

    Any feedback at all would be great!! Just wanted to let you know how grateful we all are for your help to reach our dreams, you’re the BEST Carin!!
    Also one habit I see that stands out in many high achievers like yourself is that they meditate every day. How would I go about learning that habit and the right way to implement it (I’ve tried in the past to no avail)? Is there a book or video on the subject showing the right way to do it?
    Thanks again Carin, I’m looking forward to meeting you in person at a real estate event in 2015 while reaching my goal of $100,000 in GCI by the end of 2015.

    • Carin Nguyen

      May 21, 2014

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      Jay, I love your schedule. It is ideal for your starting role and closely mirrors that of agents starting on our team 🙂 Your pursuit should be toward mastery…mastering the scripts, mastering the ability to overcome objections, honing your skills and coveting your schedule. I have no doubt you will be extremely successful in your role. It all comes down to how quickly you will achieve success. The more you protect your time and schedule, the faster you will achieve success. Best tip I can give you there, is learn to say no! Yes is always easier than no. Next tip is, always pre-postition conversations with how much time you are alotting for the conversation. Check out this interview between Darren Hardy and Brendon Bouchard for more-

      As for the meditation, I was able to implement with CDs from Robin Sharma. You will benefit from them too-

      Please be sure to keep me updated on your progress as I am excited to hear the results!


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