Bryan from The Lead Generation Summit 3/2014

Hey Carin,


I’m an agent on the MS Gulf Coast and I just wanted to tell you how absolutely awesome, enlightening, and inspiring your presentation was. I wanted to start calling people before it was over. Problem was it was late Saturday night. Thank you so much.


Best regards,



Vicki from Master Mind Lead Generation Presentation 3/2014

“First I have to tell you that I’ve heard two of your Master Mind calls and they were both FANTASTIC (I taped both of them).  I LOVE your approach, your manner and the way you deliver and teach us what you are doing and how we can do the same.  You are an excellent presenter and if I was a buyer/seller I would be calling you!”


Thank you Carin… this is great.  I’m having some good results from calling.  Right now I’m targeting Just Sold and Just Listed.  I’m using your script and numbers as a bench mark and I’m happy to say that my results are looking good.  Yesterday, 50 dials, 18 contacts, 3 leads.  I was impressed with myself 🙂


Thanks for the compliment on my logo.  I updated my branding this year.  I’m an equestrian and the H represents a JUMP to anyone who knows they get it and those that don’t it doesn’t matter. lol


Btw, I’ve been to Scottsdale and I really loved Arizona… did the Grand Canyon and rode through the desert, the whole 9 yards…  I have several friends who have winter residences in Scottsdale and  I will be telling them about you next time I see them 🙂  My signature doesn’t say but I’m from Toronto (Mississauga) Ontario… If you are EVER here please let me know and we can hook up.  There is a market here for many that buy in Arizona… who knows maybe me, one day.


Make it a great day!… You’re an inspiration to working women everywhere.


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